Place feature specification

By default, the place feature is Point type feature with properties containing address information and place categories. The Place feature can contain Polygon / Multipolygon geometry when specified for Place Details API and Boundaries API results.

Name Description
name Location name
country Country component of an address
state State component of an address
postcode Postcode or ZIP code of an address
city City component of an address
street Street component of an address
housenumber House number component of an address
lat, lon Coordinates of the location
formatted Display address
address_line1 Main part of the display address, contains building street and house number or amenity name
address_line2 The second part of the display address, contains address parts not included to address_line1
categories All categories, that the places belongs to. Can take values of supported categories and supported conditions
place_id Unique identifier for the place, that can be used to extract additional information about the place with Place Details API and Boundaries API