Geometry API

Geometry API allows applying geometric operations (for example, union or intersection) to polygons and multi-polygons built with Geoapify APIs. The API works via HTTP Get request.


Request parameters

Name Description
apiKey Required parameter for API key
operation The applied operation. Possible values: "union", "intersection".
id Geometry id returned previously by one of the Geoapify APIs. The minimum required amount of ids is two.

NOTE! A call to geometry API is charged as a call to Places or Geocoding API. However, one call is calculated for each geometry pair. So if you provide 4 ids in the request, it will be calculated as 3 credits.

Response object

The response object contains a GeoJSON FeatureCollection object.

Name Description
type "FeatureCollection"
features Contains Feature objects of type "Multipolygon".
properties Contains id, which could be used to query the geometry later.
error Error object, containing the error description and details.