The following attributions are required when you add Geoapify Maps to your website or application:

Geoapify attribution

Geoapify paid packages include the "White label" option. So no Geoapify attribution is needed when you subscribed to Geoapify.

The Free Pricing Plan requires the Geoapify attribution. The correct Geoapify attribution is:

  • Powered by <a href="">Geoapify</a>

OpenStreetMap attribution

Geoapify tiles server generates tiles based on OpenStreetMap data, which is under "Open Database License" and requires proper attribution:

NOTE! Some map styles require additional attribution to the style creator. You can check the proper attribution with the Map Tiles Playground.

You do not need to provide attribution additionally when you use Geoapify Style specifications. The attribution to OpenStreetMap and Geoapify will be added automatically.

NOTE! Some libraries for OpenStreetMap visualization require attribution as well. Always check license requirements before using a library.

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Font Awesome attribution

You need to add an attribution to Font Awesome when you add Font Awesome map markers generated with Map Markers API. The Forn Awesome icons are distributed under SIL OFL 1.1 license.

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