Static Maps API

Static Maps API lets you add a map picture to a website or application without JavaScript or any other language. Moreover, you can generate printable maps.

Static Maps API allows also add map marker with different icons. Check Static Maps API Playground for the live demo.


Request parameters

Name Description
apiKey Geoapify API key
style one of the supported map styles (e.g. "osm-bright")
width image width, in pixels, default is 1024
height image height, in pixels, default is 768
format image format, jpeg or png, default is jpeg as it is much faster for bigger map images
area area to display, currently supports only rectangular regions defined by 2 comma-separated pairs of longitude,latitude coordinates (e.g "rect:12.024,42.226,13.001,41.542")
center coordinates of map center, currently supports a coordinate in form of longitude, latitude (e.g. "lonlat:-74.044548,40.689252")
zoom map zoom, only used in conjuction with "center", default is 17. Value ∈ [1..20]
pitch view angle. Value ∈ [0..60]
bearing map rotation. Value ∈ [0..360]
marker query string parameter that contains one or multiple marker definitions, separated by pipe "|" character
scaleFactor map image scale factor. Value ∈ [1..2]
Marker definition
Name Description
color marker color, named or in hex form (e.g color:red or color:#ff0000. Note, # should be URL encoded)
type marker type, one of material, awesome, circle (e.g. type:circle)
size marker size, one of small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large (e.g. size:xx-large)
icon marker icon name (e.g icon:cloud)
iconsize marker icon size - one of small, medium, large (e.g. iconsize:small)
icontype underlying icon font - one of awesome, material (e..g icontype:awesome)
text marker text to be used instead of icon (e.g text:Aa)
textsize marker text size, one of small, medium, large (e.g. textsize:small)
whitecircle add white circle when painting icon or text, one of yes, no (e.g whitecircle:no)
shadow shadow presence and color - one of auto, no (e.g. shadow:no)
shadowcolor color name or hex value (e.g. shadowcolor:blue); by default derived from marker color
strokecolor marker outer line color, by name or hex value (e.g. strokecolor:#0077ff)

Parameter values, especially ones containing "#" characters, should be URL-encoded. Use Marker Icon API Playground to generate marker parameters.