Tips & Tricks

The Route Planner API represents building blocks for route optimization tasks:

  • TSP (Travelling Salesman Problem)
  • CVRP (Capacitated VRP)
  • VRPTW (VRP with Time Windows)
  • MDHVRPTW (Multi-depot heterogeneous vehicle VRPTW)
  • PDPTW (Pickup-and-delivery problem with Time Windows)

Read our tips and trick on how to use the API to solve your business task:

Bulky goods shipment

The Route Planner API allows planning bulky goods delivery-pickup tasks:

  • Use agent's delivery_capacity / pickup_capacity and job's delivery_amount / pickup_amount
  • It's assumed that agents are loaded at the start location for delivery-related tasks. For example, for the heating oil delivery task a vehicle is full as the start position (the amount is specified in delivery_capacity).
  • It's assumed that agents are empty at the start location for pickup-related tasks and have up to the amount specified in pickup_capacity at the end position.
  • If agents need to perform several iterations to complete all jobs, create additional virtual agents that have their starting position at the end position.

For example, if you have 3 Waste Collector Trucks that can collect 5000l of waste each (15000l in total) and you need to collect 20000l of waste then one of the trucks has to make an additional iteration to complete all jobs. You can create an additional agent that will start from a Waste Recycling Plant (where other agents have the End location). One of the trucks will make the second iteration planned for the additional agent.

Discrete items shipment

Discrete items pickup-delivery is another group of tasks that can be solved with Route Planner API:

  • Use shipments to specify items to deliver / pickup.
  • You can add jobs to the task as well, if to specify some actions.
  • Use locations to add common locations, like storage or warehouse.
  • You can specify capabilities and requirement for agents and jobs to be able complete tasks with special requirements - "extra-long", "fragile", "dangerous".
  • By default, the API optimizes resources (agents). Set agents time-windows to force finish the jobs in the specified time frame.

Resouce management

The Route Planner API lets to manage resources(agents) effectively according to their capabilities and available hours:

  • Use agent's capabilities and job's requirements to specify features, tools, or specific knowledge.
  • Set time_windows for agents and jobs to specify required and available time slots.
  • Don't forget to set job durations for each job.

Modify partially the execution plan

Sometimes it's required to modify the existing Route Plan: add additional jobs or reassign manually some jobs. You can do the easily with capabilities / requirement parameters:

  • Add agent identifier as capability to each agent
  • Add the agent identifier as requirement to each job where an agent is already assigned
  • Solve the task with the new input parameters