Create and draw a GeoJSON polygon hole as with Leaflet

In our previous code sample, we showed how to add a geoJSON polygon to a Leaflet map. In this example, we would like to show how to draw the polygon as a hole of the map cover polygon. The full version of the code sample you can find on JSFiddle.

1. Get the top-level polygons from an Isoline API polygon

The Isoline API can return multiple features as a result when multiple ranges (travel times) were requested. As we requested only one range (30 minutes) isoline, we can be sure that the first feature contains the result;

const holePolygons = geoJSONFeatures.features[0]
  (poly) => poly[0]

2. Generate the map cover polygon

const mapCover = [
  [-179.99, 89.99],
  [-179.99, 0],
  [-179.99, -89.99],
  [0, -89.99],
  [179.99, -89.99],
  [179.99, 0],
  [179.99, 89.99],
  [0, 89.99],
  [-179.99, 89.99],

Note! As we work with GeoJSON, the coordinates have [Longutude, Latitude] format.

3. Create a GeoJSON Polygon Feature and add it with L.geoJSON()

const geoJSONPolygon = {
  type: "Feature",
  geometry: {
    type: "Polygon",
    coordinates: [mapCover, ...holePolygons],

L.geoJSON(geoJSONPolygon, {
  stroke: true,
  color: "#000",
  weight: 2,
  opacity: 0.7,
  fill: true,
  fillColor: "#000",
  fillOpacity: 0.3,
  smoothFactor: 0.5,
  interactive: false,