Marker Icon API

The Marker Icon API lets you create beautiful icons and use them as Map Markers. You can set a color, choose between different form, size, and use the Material Design or Font Awesome icons sets. Here is a generated Icon Example:

Marker Icon API

The API call returns an image that could be used in HTML, CSS, or load icons directly to client-side map library. Try the Marker Icon API in the API Playground:

Map Icon Live Demo

Authentication and API key

To use Geoapify Static Maps API, you need an API key. Head over to Geoapify MyProjects and create an account when you don't have one already.

This page will guide you through the steps to get an API key if you are a new user .

API Reference

The Marker Icon API is used to generate beautiful custom map marker icons for your project. The API returns a png-image as a result and can be used in HTML, CSS, or directly by a client-side library.

Request URL

Request parameters

Name Description
apiKey Geoapify API key
type Marker icon type. Possible values: material - based on the Material Design pin icon , awesome - based on the Font Awesome pin icon, circle.
size Marker size. Possible values: small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large. By default, is medium.
icon Inner icon name. Depending on iconType value can take a value of Material Design or Font Awesome icon names.
iconType Inner icon type. Possible values: material, awesome. Default value is material - for material and circle type, awesome - for awesome type.
iconSize Inner icon size. Possible values: small, medium, large. By default, is medium.
text Icon text. Note, the icon parameter is ignored when the text set.
textSize Text size. Possible values: small, medium, large. By default, is medium.
color Icon color. Use text, fex, rgb, or rgba values here. For example, red, %23667789 (instead of #667789) , rgb(233,44,34), rgba(35,245,22,0.7). Note, the parameter must be URL encoded, so # is represented as %23.
strokeColor Icon stroke color. The parameter requirements are the same as for the color parameter.
shadowColor Icon shadow color. The parameter requirements are the same as for the color parameter.
noWhiteCircle Add the parameter without value to remove the white circle.
noShadow Add the parameter without value to remove the icon shadow.


We use the Material Design and Font Awesome icons fonts to generate Marker Icons. The following attributions are required when you add Map Marker API icons to your website or application:

1. Geoapify attribution

Geoapify paid packages include the "White label" option. So no Geoapify attribution is needed when you subscribed to Geoapify.

The Free Pricing Plan requires the Geoapify attribution. The correct Geoapify attribution is:

  • The map marker icons are generated with <a href="">Geoapify</a>

2. Font Awesome icons attribution

You need to add an attribution to Font Awesome when you add Font Awesome map markers generated with Map Markers API. The Font Awesome icons are distributed under SIL OFL 1.1 license.

Learn more

3. Material Design icons attribution

The icons are available under Apache license version 2.0. The additional attribution is not needed.


We use "credits" as our pricing currency. Each credit is used for all API calls you make per 24 hours, and your accumulated daily usage is called Daily API Usage. Geoapify offers Pricing Plans, starting with the Free plan (3000 credits/day). You can upgrade at any time as your business grows.

The cost of using the Map Marker API is very straightforward: 1 API call = 1 credit. In addition, you can store generated icons at your side with no restrictions.