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Learn all about how to add a map to your app or website


Geocode addresses and locations, get address suggestions


Calculate and optimize routes for cars, trucks, pedestrians, and more


Isochrones and isodistances to analyze the place's reachability


Get places and points of interest by categories


You can use our map tiles as a base map layer, or you can create PNG (or JPG) map pictures using our Static Maps API
Map tiles Playground

Map tiles

Try different map styles and colors, generate Leaflet, MapLibre GL, or Open Layers code for the map.
Static maps playground

Static maps API

Play with Static Maps API input parameters, get an URL link for a map picture with markers.
Map Markers API

Marker Icon API

Generate beautiful map marker icons for your map with Font Awesome and Material icons.


Find locations by postal address, and find addresses by GPS coordinates. Add address suggestion forms to your apps, site, or blog.
Geocoding Playground API

Geocoding API

Geocode the address you provide to a location and find its corresponding postal address. The Geocoding API provides GPS coordinates, the structured address, and a confidence level to help verify addresses.
Reverse Geocoding Playground API

Reverse Geocoding API

Get a postal address by providing the GPS coordinates to the Reverse Geocoding API. The API returns formatted and structured address and distance to your input.
Address Autocomplete Playground API

Address Autocomplete

The Address Autocomplete API lets you create address forms that collect addresses. The API provides you with address suggestions for a given address string.
Batch Geocoding

Batch Geocoding

Geocode up to 1000 addresses at once with Batch Geocoding requests.
IP Geolocation API Playground

IP Geolocation API

IP Geolocation is one of the ways to detect a user's location by IP. The API result contains also information about the user country and languages. Try it!


Optimize delivery and logistics routes, snap GPS coordinates to roads, and find the most efficient ways for different transportation modes.
Routing API Playground

Routing API

Calculate a route between a pair or more locations. Choose "drive", "truck", "bicycle" or "walk" travel mode. Check turn-by-turn instructions generated.
Route Matrix API Playground

Route Matrix API

Try to generate a Time-Distance matrix with Route Matrix API. Choose "drive", "truck", "bicycle" or "walk" travel mode.
Map Matching API Playground

Map Matching API

The API allows matching place coordinates to existing roads. Try the API with your GPS track or one of the provided examples.
Route Planner API Playground

Route Planner API

We've prepared a few VRP related task examples to show you how the API works. Try to generate a task for established map boundaries and solve it with Route Planner API.


See what's reachable within a specified time or distance. For example, find out what you can get to within 30 minutes on foot or in 15 minutes by car.
Isochrones / Isodistances API Playground

Isolines API

Try to calculate reachability maps for different locations. Choose between "drive", "truck", "bicycle", "walk", or "transit" travel modes.
Geometry API Playground

Geometry API

Calculate the union or intersection of multiple isochrones or isodistances.


Query the Places by categories and get details about the places. For example, restaurants, tourist attractions, or places to eat.
Places API Playground

Places API

With Places API you can query around 400 POI categories within a chosen boundaries, radius, or isoline. Generate an URL link and get a result object.
Place Details API Playground

Place Details API

The API allows querying detailed information about a place and its geometry. Try to query different features and learn more about location.
Boundaries API Playground

Boundaries API

Query a region subdivisions, or check where the area belongs. Enter country, state, or city in the location input and try the API.

More APIs

Learn how to send batch requests to the API, which can help you work with large amounts of data and save on API Credits.
Batch Requests Playground

Batch requests

The batch requests allow save up to 50% on the Geoapify API costs. Provide an API URL and generate a Batch request body object and try the API.