Marker Icon API

The Marker Icon API lets you create beautiful icons and use them as Map Markers. You can set a color, choose between different form, size, and use the Material Design or Font Awesome icons sets.

Generated Icon Example

Marker Icon API


Request parameters

Name Description
type type of the icon shape. Possible values: material, awesome, circle
icon iconset icon name. By default, Material Design icons are used for material and circle icon type, Font Awesome icons for awesome icon type
color icon color. Note, that all values should be URL-encoded, so the # symbol should be %23
size icon size. Possible values: small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large
apiKey your Geoapify API key
scaleFactor image scale factor. Value ∈ [1..2]. Use 2x scale factor to get sharper icon on retina displays


The API call returns an image that could be used in HTML, CSS, or load icons directly to client-side map library.


We use the Material Design and Font Awesome icons fonts to generate Marker Icons.

Material Design icons

The icons are available under Apache license version 2.0.

Font Awesome font

The SIL OFL 1.1 license applies to the font.